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Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies

Let me share with you my view of cryptocurrencies and some publicly accessible data that may help you chose if and what crypto currency to invest into.

Bitcoin is obviously the first thing. Read about it. Mainly the Bitcoin Paper and Michael Nielsen’s article.

In case you noticed information about LBC (Large Bitcoin Collider), read following article.

For any information about Bitcoin, make sure you read either bitcoin.org or bitcoin.it. It will be explained below.

Bitcoin is released and worked on as an open source (or rather Free Software, but not ‘free’ as in ‘free beer’ but ‘free’ as in ‘freedom’). That means anyone can fork the source and do their thing. This is essentialy very good, but may be confusing for newcomers. Interestingly enough, this confusion is amplified in the field of money.

Currently at the time of writing, Bitcoin repository contains 14867 commits. Bitcoin Unlimited has 11081. Since the fork, Bitcoin Unlimited has added 113 commits while Bitcoin (Core as they had to start to call it) has added 905.

$ cd bu-src
$ git remote add bitcoin ../bitcoin
$ git fetch --all
$ git cherry bitcoin/master | grep '^-' | wc -l
$ git cherry bitcoin/master | grep '^+' | wc -l

Some cryptocurrencies are really bringing something competitive compared to Bitcoin and have strong community support behind them (which can be seen in source code commits again - these were the blockchain of old ever when there was no Bitcoin yet). I mean at least one of them: Monero.

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