Making machines sweat.

Notes About This Blog

This is my first post on the Jekyll-based blog. Why Jekyll? See http://www.staticgen.com/. It is very nicely supported by Netlify and in case of emergency I can easily run it on my minimal server.

This way I want to get rid of using Facebook and LinkedIn though the plan is to keep an eye on those, just much less (e.g. once a week).

This blog is my blog. There are big piles of paper I use otherwise and transferring them into digital form enables me to travel lightly while still having my notes around. The notes I put here are published in a hope they will be helpful to someone else as well.

Until I add some system which would allow comments (Disqus?) I would like to encourage you to provide any feed-back straight to me over e-mail.

English is the language of choice because I need a lot of practice in it, hoping that practice makes perfect.

aspell -c _posts/2016-09-06-Test.markdown

This blog also invalidates the previous blog available at http://shawkens.tumblr.com/.