This is something that caught me by surprise. I never used to go to pubs regularly but recently before getting my work visa to Israel I had to visit the doctor in our village. The doctor did a blood test and found that everything is OK except the fact that I am lacking minerals.

I thought to myself, maybe I should start drinking beer for health reasons regularly. And it took me a while to really adapt to this new challenge. Finally this week, while I am spending some more time in the village where I come from, I had very good time sitting multiple evenings talking to good old friends and slowly sipping one small beer.

When I heard about this non-smoking pub in our village I realized this could be a cure for my non-existent social life. In order to bring more people in so that I can meet and talk to them, I decided to play with Google a bit. First it was just suggesting a business place on Google Maps, then Google Business and claiming the physical business with help of current owners/renters.

If you have any kind of business I highly recommend adding it to Google Maps and using Google Business.

Give it a try. Look for Varianta 4 on Google, Google Maps or Facebook (an older page - the two should be merged soon), Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, or even better, see their website.

There is one special thing I have learned about Google Plus Page, one needs to click on a Brands link in order to create a Google+ Page, all this while being logged into Google Plus.

Come and visit! (Hint: Use Couchsurfing to find a place to stay :)

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